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Personalised Lanyards
Personalised LanyardsPersonalised LanyardsPersonalised LanyardsPersonalised LanyardsPersonalised LanyardsPersonalised Lanyards

Currently the Lanyards are one of the promotional and / or advertising products for all types of companies due to their possibilities of personalization and their great possibilities of use. Our customized Lanyards are sublimated with heat, a method by which the ink penetrates directly into the fabric, making it hard to print, not to fall off and not fade, since it is inalterable to water.
They are also made of soft and comfortable fabric to the touch that will prevent any type of chafing on the skin and its printing is made in HD in full color.

These neck straps are perfect for hanging or holding a large number of objects such as badges, keys, cards to open doors, openers, mobile phones ... The recipients of this gift so functional and practical will be those who decide how to use them.

In addition, they are an essential and fundamental element for all types of Events. Among the Lanyards that our clients request the most are:

  • Neck tapes for Seminars and Conferences. In this case, it is essential, since most speakers and assistants have access to accreditation, distinction or presentation. In addition, it is a gift to which after the event is usually used, so do not forget to include in them the logo and the corporate colors of the organizing company.

  • Lanyards for Festivals, Concerts, Sports Events, Parties ... As in the seminars and conferences, the neck tapes are used for accreditations of collaborators, organizers and guests or preferred, but it is also a perfect gift for any of the attendees. Who would not like to have one as a souvenir? ... Print on them a striking and original design and make sure they do not go unnoticed!

  • Corporate Lanyards Whether it is to publicize your company or to publicize your services or products, with these cloth tapes you will achieve your goals. Give them to your customers or offer them as a gift with the purchase of a product or contracting a service and in addition to customer loyalty you will get your brand to become much more visible.

  • Lanyards for Associations. Ribbons of fabric for neck for the Day against Cancer, for Women's Day, in solidarity ... A fantastic product with which to raise money for your cause. Include in them a beautiful and emotional phrase along with the logo of your association, sure they collaborate!




You can choose between different sizes wide depending on the purpose for which you use them or the design you wish to include in them:

  • Icono pulsera musica10mm

  • Icono pulsera musica15mm

  • Icono pulsera musica20mm

Also, depending on the purpose for which you use it, you can decide if you want your Lanyards to be printed on one or two sides.


You can choose between different options so that they fit in the best way to your needs:

  • With Carabiner: This is the classic Lanyard with a simple carabiner made of high quality materials.

  • Detachable mobile holder: Thanks to the mobile phone thread you will have your phone accessible at all times. Our Lanyards with mobile carrier wire are made of resistant and quality materials and have a click closure that will allow you to disassemble it!

  • Detachable buckle: Our detachable Lanyards with buckle are quality and very durable as they are made of resistant materials. They have a carabiner and you can disassemble them thanks to its click closure for greater comfort.


"If you can imagine...
...You can create it!"
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"If you can imagine...
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