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Custom Pin Badges
Custom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin BadgesCustom Pin Badges

Our personalised badges are the most long-lasting and functional in the industry. Both the front and the back of the badges are made out of metal and the printing is done digitally in high definition on 100% recycles paper. Idea for merchandising, marketing promotions and promotional gifts, they are a perfect resource for businesses and association and for private customers or groups.

BADGES FOR BUSINESSES OR ASSOCIATIONS: With badges for companies, these are the perfect resource for promoting your services, products or the business itself in an economic, original and eye-catching way, which will make your customers very happy.
Also, if you belong to an association, these are not just good for getting your message out there, but they can also be a good tool for fund raising for various causes.

BADGES FOR PRIVATE CUSTOMERS AND GROUPS: If are a private customer and want to organise some kind of event of meeting, theres nothing better than giving your guests these personalised badges that will remind them of the day for ever in a very special way.
Among the most popular personalised badges for private customers there are:

  • Personalised badgesBadges for weddings. Include a thank you message or a nice design with the date of your day.

  • Personalised badgesBadges for stag and hen parties. If you want to bring joy to your friends stag or hen party, print these badges with a fun phrase or request a personalised XXL badge for the bride/groom to wear all night.

  • Personalised badgesBadges for parties. Print the artwork for you party on them so that people will never forget!

  • Personalised badgesBadges for festivals. A festival isnt a festival without badges. Theres not much more to say.

  • Personalised badgesBadges for birthdays. A nice souvenir with a photo in their honour that everyone will love.

  • Personalised badgesBadges for christenings. Badges with a photo of your baby and the date of the christening will be a nice souvenir for your guests.

  • Personalised badgesCarnival badges. Put an image of your group or choir on them and promote yourselves.

  • Personalised badgesBadges for first communions. Personalise them with a photo of the child and give them out as a souvenir... Holy card are a thing of the past!

Whats more, our personalised badges are a product of choice for bands, theatre groups, carnival groups, etc. and one of the most requested merchandising products that you can use for promotion and also as a fund-raising resource which can give you 300% profit from just a small investment.

At Imayine youll find the perfect badge to fit your needs.




Do you want to give your badge a special extra touch to make it really unique? Change the back part for a mirror or bottle opener.

PERSONALISED BADGES WITH MIRROR: Choose the size, plastic coating, finishing or design that you want for your round badge and we will fit a mirror on the back. One of our most original and practical products with which you can surprise your customers or guests (ideal as a souvenir for a wedding or for businesses in the fashion and beauty world), the perfect gift to carry in your bag, glove box or wash bag and always be on form!

PERSONALISED BADGES WITH BOTTLE OPENER: We can also turn your badges into hand bottle openers, and you can choose between:

  • Personalised badgesBottle Opener with Magnet: The perfect gift for your customer to always have to hand. Put a magnet on your badge with a bottle opener on the back and it will never leave your customers fridge, giving your business constant presence. Ideal for service businesses (electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, etc.) and fast food (pizza restaurants, Italian restaurants, hamburger restaurants, etc.) and as a souvenir from hen and stag parties, weddings, first communions, etc.

  • Personalised badgesBottle Opener with Key Ring: If, on the other hand, you want your customer to never be without your promotional gift, add a key ring to your badge with a bottle opener so that they can attach it to their keys, and you wont just generate customer loyalty, youll also make your business much more visible for new potential customers. A great idea, dont you think?


Choose the shape and size of the badge you want and do something different:

  • Personalised badgesRound: 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm, 56mm and 75mm.

  • Personalised badgesSquare: 37x37mm.

  • Personalised badgesRectangular: 60x40mm.

  • Personalised badgesOval: 60x40mm.

  • Personalised badgesWith mirror: 56mm and 75mm.

  • Personalised badgesWith bottle opener: 56mm.


At Imayine you can personalise your badges with finishing and plastic coatings that will give your designs a lot more personality and power:


  • Personalised badgesShine: Standard plastic coating that we are all familiar with that will make your badge shine.

  • Personalised badgesHigh-Quality Shine: A shiny plastic coating that will make the colours on your badge even more intense.

  • Personalised badgesMatte: Give an air of quality and elegance to your badge, getting rid of shine (colour printing on a white background). One of our favourites!

  • Personalised badgesGlass: Add an iridescent effect to your badge when it moves. One of our most original and fun plastic coatings.


  • Personalised badgesColour: Print the design of your badges in full colour and with absolutely excellent quality.

  • Personalised badgesBlack and White: One of the most sophisticated finishings you can choose from in our selection.

  • Personalised badgesMetallic: Your design will be printed on silver-coloured metal badges (where there is a blank part the silver will show through).

  • Personalised badgesGolden: Your design will be printed on gold-coloured metal badges (where there is a blank part the gold will show through).

  • Personalised badgesFluorescent: One of the most eye-catching finishings and you can choose one of the following fluorescent colours: Orange, pink, green or yellow. Time to shine!

  • Personalised badgesWith a rosette: Choose the finishing and plastic coating you want for your badge and we will add a rosette around the outside. One of the most special and original finishings youll find at Imayine.


"If you can imagine...
...You can create it!"
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"If you can imagine...
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