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Our personalised stickers and adhesives have high outdoor resistance (both light and water) and a high adhesive quality that make them the most long-lasting and economic on the market. Whats more they are digitally printed in HD and CMYK colours on vinyl, resulting in unbeatable image quality and you can give it the shape you want if you choose our die-cut stickers.

PROMOTIONAL STICKERS: Personalised stickers are one of the main resources that companies use to promote their brand, present new products or services or as a gift to generate customer loyalty.
They are the perfect element to put in your window, whatever your business is: Hair salons, restaurants, clothing stores, etc. All the information you put on them will not go unseen. Just choose the size and finishings, send us your design and well handle the rest.

Also, our personalised stickers are one of the top products for musical groups, bands, theatre groups, carnival groups, etc. and one of our most in-demand merchandising products for promotion. They also a good way of raising funds that will generate huge profits with a small investment.

STICKERS FOR EVENTS: If are going to organise some kind of event of meeting, theres nothing better than giving your guests these personalised stickers that will remind them of the day for ever in a very special way.

Whats more, if you are a business and you make a creative design, you clients can stick them in visible places like the back of their cars. A good form of promotion, dont you think?

Among the most popular stickers for private customers there are:

  • Personalised stickersStickers for weddings. Include a drawing of the bridge and groom with the event date and a message of thanks.

  • Personalised stickersStickers for parties. Print an attractive design with the event image and your logo so that guest will have an original souvenir to stick wherever they want!

  • Personalised stickersStickers for festivals. Who doesnt like taking away a sticker as a souvenir from a festival theyve been to? An essential merchandising product for this type of event.

  • Personalised stickersBirthday stickers. Your 18th, your 40th or you 73rd will never be forgotten!

  • Personalised stickersStickers for christenings. Include a cute photo of your little one and the date of the special day so that your guests will have a souvenir that will touch their hearts.

  • Personalised stickersStickers for first communions. Choose an illustration of your child at their communion and include the date of the event on it. They will love sharing them out among the guests!

DECORATIVE STICKERS: Since they are they are very resistant to the weather and are a good adhesive, they are the perfect element for tuning your care or motorbike. You can also use them to decorate your tablet, PC or mobile, your folder or binder, the window or door of your room, etc. Personalise your sticker and stick it wherever you want!




Choose the shape and size of the sticker you want and do something different:

  • Personalised stickersRound: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 90mm and 110mm.

  • Personalised stickersSquare: 40x40mm, 55x55mm and 80x80mm.

  • Personalised stickersRectangular: 60x40mm, 70x50mm and 85x55mm.


At Imayine, you can create stickers with different types of vinyl depending on the design you choose and what you need:

  • Personalised stickersWhite: It is printed on white vinyl to make the colours stand out.

  • Personalised stickersTransparent: We print on transparent material making the edge of your sticker invisible.

  • Personalised stickersTransparent + White ink: We print on a transparent material and add a layer of white ink in the background so that the colors keep their intensity even if the sticker is placed on a dark background, even black. Your colors will never lose intensity.


"If you can imagine...
...You can create it!"
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"If you can imagine...
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